News  /  Julie Ruts and Dior: a new Junior combination

Belgian Julie Ruts from Hoogstraten is taught by Serge for two years now. Since a few months she has a new horse to compete at Junior level. Last weekend she has made her début.

Julie is 15 years old and tells about Dior, whose show name is Desdemona (Donnerhall x Sander Af HVARR). ‘Dior is a very quite horse and I trust her for 100 percent. She is 15 years old, just like me, and a schoolmaster to me. Together with Serge we work on the details in the exercises. One of the most difficult things for me is to have Dior going with enough front. My goal is to win a Junior show with her! I am happy I got the chance to have lessons from Serge and I am Serge and Anneke very grateful for the help they already have given me and Dior!’