News  /  Nice d├ębut Eva Cornelis and Dolores v/d Kwikaard

Last September Eva Cornelis has bought a new horse: Dolores v/d Kwikaard, a mare by Zucherro x Royal Diamond which is five this year.
Eva is one of Serge and Anneke’s students from Belgium. She sold her small tour horse last year and started all over with this new talented horse.
Last weekend the pair has made their début at a national Belgian show in Massenhoven. Eva showed Dolores at A7 level and came fourth with a score of 66,82%.
Eva: ‘I was pretty nervous but she was so cool to ride! When I entered the ring she was a bit spooky for a second but once we had started she was focussed on me. I never thought it would go so well at her first show! Now I will prepare her for the young horses cycles in Belgium.’