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Our rider Jens Nijs who shows our jumping horses was asked by the website HorsUs to write a blog about CSI Lummen (Belgium). We would like to share it with you on our website as well.

HorsUs blog by Jens Nijs: 
'Jumping Lummen 2012 is one of the biggest shows in Belgium. This 'spring-tour' takes place in the second and third week in April. As Lummen is one of the first outdoor shows, lots of (famous) riders compete here to see if their horses are fit for the coming season. So did I. I took six talentful horses, three top grooms and nice owners of the horses.
 The vet check took place on Tuesday.Because so many horses (1500) came on one day, it was a bit of a chaos to get everybody parked. Besides this it had rained so much so tractors had to pull the trucks on the parking. Anyway, everyone was still motivated and the show must go on. One of my horses, Waldemar S, owned by Anneke and Serge Pais, did a super job on the wet footing. The other horses were a bit too careful. The organization has done everything in the following days to prepare the footing. It was too bad that famous riders as Jos Lansink loaded their horses as they decided not to compete anymore. The others days the arena's were okay to ride and as there were so much participants the competitions were mostly speed classes. I come back with my horses for the second week!'
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